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America’s Path back to Global Leadership – WTO Reform

Even before the explosion of trade-related news in recent months, there have been calls for reform in the World Trade Organization (WTO). The challenge of China as a huge and disruptive economy is best addressed with the United States playing its traditional key role. This cannot be done by the US tackling China on its own – bilaterally. As long as China is a member of the WTO, the US must remain a multilateral leader by engaging other nations to make positive initiatives to reform and energize the WTO.

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A North American Workforce Development Agenda

With the negotiation of the new U.S.-Mexico Canada Agreement (USMCA), there is concern about the potential labor impact. Ambassador Earl Anthony Wayne, and Raquel Chuayffet have written an excellent piece for The Wilson Center, focused on ideas for trilateral workforce training and development.

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The Global Youth Bulge: Challenge and Opportunity

A young person's search for the right job has never been easy. However, according to the International Labor Organization, the difficulty for young people to secure decent employment is at a high. This unfortunate reality is a global challenge, and it directly affects American interests.  Young Americans face some of the same challenges as their peers in other countries, and this is often compounded by the burden of extraordinary college debt. This unaddressed "youth bulge" across the developing world challenges the political stability of fragile and strategically important countries, thus endangering global security and economic growth.

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