The American Leadership Initiative (ALI) is dedicated to developing a new vision for restoring American global leadership through smart and robust diplomacy, development and trade policies. This new vision seeks an effective, long-term alternative to the populist isolationism that is now undermining American interests.

ALI provides a platform for policy ideas and reform proposals by working with a community of thought leaders from civil society, politics, academia and business. ALI is convening an expanding community regularly to share ideas.  

founding principles:

  • Inclusive and secure economic growth at home will only be sustainable if America leads globally.

  • America’s economic interests, national security and values are inextricably intertwined.

  • These intertwined interests must be pursued through integrated diplomatic, development and trade strategies. Achieving this integration requires reforms to policies and institutions in order to eliminate silos and promote greater coordination.

  • Unilateral measures are sometimes needed, but America’s international goals are usually best achieved utilizing international institutions and alliances, which should be reformed and strengthened.

  • America must pursue international (as well as domestic) policies that ensure that our workers and businesses remain competitive globally.

  • America’s greatest global strength is the example it sets in respect for democracy and the rule of law, and a market-based economy in which the fruits of prosperity are widely shared. Building on that, support and advocacy for the rule of law, inclusive and sustainable development and good governance abroad serve American interests and will be central to re-establishing America’s global leadership.